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First entry (Pavel)

Time is change. It’s just occurred to me how many things changed, as I was going through assembling the playlist for our road trip. Some of the music I love was dated all the way to early 2000’s. That’s when the nights were young, the parties were filled with vodka and boiled dumplings and the world seemed so strange, so distant and still undiscovered. Especially when you grow up in a little Russian town.

Years later more and more continents and cultures seem familiar. With the internet, the world is shrinking to the size of the mobile phone.

I just moved to America a few months ago. The winter was cold and lack of oxygen in the mountains of Colorado took the time to adjust. But with the summer arriving, the life comes back to life and make you wanna go on a road trip.

We juggled between ideas of going to the East coast or the West coast. West seemed too familiar, despite the beauty. Those evergreen forests in Olympia Park and cold dark waters of Puget Sound. Those golden sandy beaches of California. Mmm-m-m-m.

But there is something we both haven’t experienced yet. And that is Atlantic shore and the vast middle of America. I mean, I’ve been to New York. Who hasn’t? Oh, wait, Shawn! I’ve been to Atlantic City, NJ. That’s where I worked in a candy store selling chocolate covered strawberries and fudge. That’s also the place where I almost got killed by a street gang members. But it’s a story for another time.

Right now is the time for a change of scenery as we travel through Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio to Pennsylvania and the North East coast.

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